Nutrition plays such a critical role in the health and performance of a horse. Conditions like PPID, laminitis, and gastric ulcers are examples that can be helped through a dietary approach. Many times it isn’t a disease that has an owner concerned, but an unidentified condition like fecal water and diarrhea.  In healthy horses, different age categories, physical states such as gestation and lactation, performance horses, endurance horses, they all have specific requirements. Is your horse moving, we can help you with the preparation and adjustment period. If you have a health concern or performance goal for your horse, Fox Equine Nutrition is available to help transform your horse.  

The living environment often affects a horses nutritional status. Herd mates, access to feed, and timing of feed, are examples. Vanessa will provide an analysis of the physical environment to include how it affects the horse’s nutritional state and identify improvements if necessary.

Vanessa will evaluate your horses diet to include current forage, amounts, quality, and supplements. With supplements, there are so many to choose from, and it is here where many horse owners can either be missing something their horse needs, or providing supplements that are unnecessary for both the horse, and the owners pocket book. It can be difficult to navigate through the commercial advertising, but Vanessa will help you identify the nutritional value of the supplements you are using, and suggest a plan that is helpful for your horse. 



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